Sitting alone and continuously thinking about things you shouldn’t think about? Tired of your hyperactive brain that renders your body inactive? Hypersensitivity to situations that effects your productivity? Well, you’re not alone and neither can overthinking beat you because here are some tips you can try to avoid or beat your overthinking phases.

  1. Understanding the thought pattern:
    Overthinking is a negative set of thoughts associated with anxiety, fear, depression, or hopelessness. Overthinking makes a person disabled and he can’t help himself get out of that thought pattern. The first step is to understand your problem. There must be some triggers that lead to this specific thought pattern – the beginning point. You’ll have to stop the cycle at the very start of it.
  2. Challenge your thoughts:
    Ask yourself if your thoughts are worth wasting your time on. If thinking will actually help you get out of the problem or will you dwell more into it? Mostly overthinking is not rational or logical thinking but has an emotional association.
  3. Give time to your thoughts:
    Make a deal with your mind. Don’t avoid, suppress or run from it. Make room for this ‘ thinking activity ‘ in your daily schedule. It’s like having a conversation with your mind like, ” Hey brain! I’m busy working. Let’s meet you at the decided time and we’ll see. ” Seems foolish but can help.
  4. Deep breathing and Meditation:
    Go in the fresh air and practice deep breathing. Think of every exhalation as a route for your problems to get out of your system and every inhalation as a route to let positivity in. Mindfulness and living in the present moment will help.
  5. Establishing a daily routine:
    Live according to the clock. Make a timetable for things and leave no room for sitting idle and letting negative energy inside you. There’s a quote, ” Faarigh dimagh shaitaan ka ghar hota hai. ” ( Idle mind is the home for the devil )
  6. Exercise and Physical activity:
    When your mind gets tired, make your body work. Exercise will uplift your mood and distract you from all unnecessary thoughts.
  7. Talking to friends and family:
    Don’t hesitate in seeking help from your loved ones. Talking and letting out your emotions will stop your vicious cycle of thoughts.
  8. Journaling:
    Keeping track of your thoughts during overthinking phases and reading them afterward will help you analyze your mind better.
Overthinking kills

Conclusion: Surely, overthinking can be exhausting and tiresome but with strong willpower and consistency, it’s possible to tackle your mind. Because your mind is the best tool against your mind.

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