A story of Gynae Rotation of my Friend

Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab were known as the pranksters of the hospital. They always found ways to inject humor into their daily routines, making their colleagues and patients laugh. However, their mischievous behavior occasionally got them into trouble, especially when they crossed paths with the stern and no-nonsense senior doctor, Dr. K.

One day, during a particularly busy shift, Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab found themselves working side by side in the same ward. They were in high spirits and decided to lighten the atmosphere with their jokes and playful banter.

As they walked down the corridor, Dr. Alam noticed a pair of oversized novelty glasses sitting on a nearby table. Unable to resist the opportunity, he picked them up and put them on, striking a ridiculous pose. Dr. Dab erupted into laughter and couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. The two of them continued their rounds, wearing the comically large glasses and entertaining both staff and patients.

Little did they know that Senior Dr. K was just around the corner, observing their antics. Dr. K was known for being strict and maintaining a professional demeanor at all times. The sight of Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab goofing around did not sit well with him.

With a stern expression, Dr. K approached the duo. “Dr. Alam! Dr. Dab! What on earth do you think you’re doing? This is a hospital, not a comedy club!”

Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab froze, the laughter dying down instantly. They exchanged sheepish glances, realizing they had crossed a line.

Dr. K continued, his voice stern. “We have important work to do here. Patients rely on us to provide the best care possible. Joking around like this is unprofessional and can undermine their confidence in our abilities. This behavior is simply not acceptable.”

Feeling remorseful, Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab immediately removed the silly glasses and nodded in agreement. They understood that their actions had consequences and that they needed to be more mindful of their behavior.

Dr. K softened his tone, recognizing that they had learned their lesson. “I know you both have excellent medical skills and a great sense of humor, but it’s crucial to maintain a balance. Patients should feel comfortable and confident in our care, without compromising their trust in us.”

Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab apologized sincerely, promising to be more cautious in the future. They realized that their pranks, although well-intentioned, could have unintended effects on the people they were supposed to help.

From that day forward, Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab found ways to inject humor into their work without crossing professional boundaries. They still made their colleagues and patients laugh, but they were careful to choose appropriate moments and maintain a respectful environment.

And so, the hospital continued to be a place where laughter played a role in healing, but with Dr. Alam and Dr. Dab learning to strike a balance between humor and professionalism, ensuring that their patients always received the highest standard of care.

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