A Final Year Ward Story

Dr. Shahab ud Din was a brilliant but forgetful student in the final year of medical school at Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College. Dr. Shahab, who was well-known for his intelligence and wit, was always in amusing situations.

Dr. Shahab was extremely nervous the day of the final year ward test. For the purpose of assessing the students’ clinical abilities, the examiners had meticulously set up various stations. Dr. Shahab happened to be at the wound dressing station by chance.

Dr. Shahab approached the first patient, confident in his abilities, only to discover that he had not brought the necessary sterile gloves. He thought quickly and looked around and saw a box of latex gloves nearby. He quickly grabbed a pair and started putting them on. They turned out to be large dishwashing gloves, surprising him! Seeing Dr. Shahab battling to squeeze his hands into those amusingly enormous gloves made both the inspector and the patient burst into giggling.

Dr. Shahab decided to continue with the dressing, improvising as needed, despite the unexpected setback. While fumbling with the bandages and adhesive tapes, he patiently explained the procedure. He accidentally cut a small hole in the patient’s hospital gown instead of the tape in an effort to cut it cleanly. Realizing his error, Dr. Shahab joked, “Well, it seems you’ll have a fashionable hospital gown now!” as he looked at the patient.

Dr. Shahab’s mishaps went on as the examiners moved on to the next station. He attached the wrong patient’s electrodes by accident at the ECG station, resulting in a series of alarms that puzzled everyon. He quickly fixed the error and profusely apologized to the confused patient who was temporarily transformed into an ECG machine.

Dr. Shahab’s kindness and ability to laugh at his own mistakes made everyone around him smile, despite the amusing mishaps. During the otherwise nerve-wracking ward test, he lightened the mood with his upbeat attitude and infectious laughter.

Even though Dr. Shahab’s ward test didn’t go as planned, his experiences were funny for the examiners and his classmates. In the end, it served as a reminder that laughter can make medical school a little more enjoyable even in the face of mishaps and failures.

P.S: I may or may not have exaggerated some scenarios. Who knows 🫢

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