Below 18 Pilgrims Must Need An Adult for Umrah: New Rule

Under-18 pilgrims must be accompanied by an adult during Umrah in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently implemented new regulations designed to improve pilgrims’ experience during Umrah. Among the major changes is the requirement that pilgrims under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

All Umrah companies and establishments are required to follow the Pilgrims Services’ Controls Document. Reservations for contracted services must comply with the program framework, including accommodation, domestic transportation, insurance, and ground transportation.

A residence permit must be valid for at least 90 days from the date of Saudi entry so that the Umrah program corresponds to the pilgrims’ actual stay within the Kingdom. A, B, and C groups are also defined based on a company’s operational performance over the past two years. As a result of this classification, Umrah programs will be more productive and cost-effective.

As long as 75 percent of the pilgrims in Saudi Arabia return to their home countries, companies in categories B and C will not be able to input new numbers beyond their actual input this season. To avoid overcrowding, this system aims to manage pilgrim influx effectively.

Before the pilgrims arrive, Umrah companies must prepare pre-arrival data and secure actual reservations through the Nusuk app. Separate pilgrim groups must also comply with the General Syndicate of Cars (GSC) policies.

It is the responsibility of the companies and establishments to provide transportation and services within Saudi Arabia, as well as to guide pilgrim groups to the Two Holy Mosques. Additionally, they must ensure pilgrims’ safety in inclement weather and provide necessary services, including visits to historical sites.

A sufficient number of representatives should be available to assist pilgrims, provide contact information, and familiarize them with the electronic path. It is intended that these measures will enhance pilgrims’ overall experience and ensure their well-being during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia aims to enhance the Umrah pilgrimage experience and ensure the safety and comfort of Umrah pilgrims through the implementation of these new rules and guidelines.

What is the age restriction for Umrah?

The minimum age for Umrah is five years.

Can children go to do Umrah?

Yes children can go to perform Umrah with their parents.

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